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If you have any difficulties downloading a pattern after purchase please refer to the FAQ or contact me and quote your order number or email address.

If you are worried about receiving and printing your pattern please try something from our Free Stuff category.

Other issue? Check the FAQ or contact me


1. I purchased a pattern. How do I get it?

All patterns are instantly available to download.

After you have paid for your pattern using paypal you will see a confirmation screen. At the bottom of the screen are links to download any patterns you have purchased.

Example of downloading from the Order Confirmation screen:

>> Click for a larger view of the Order Confirmation screen showing Download button

If you are unable to retrieve your pattern using the link provided you can find a second link in your My Account by viewing your previous orders. Click on the previous order and you will see a list of what you downloaded and a download link.

Example of downloading from the My Account screen (after viewing the applicable order):

>> Click for a larger view of the My Account screen showing Download Button

Patterns usually have a 24 hour or 2 download limit. This means you need to download your pattern within 24 hours of purchase and you can make 2 attempts. (subject to change without notice)

If you are unable to download your pattern please contact me

2. I purchased a pattern accidentally/ I purchased a pattern and want a refund.

Unfortunately electronic patterns are not eligible for a refund. No exceptions.

3. I bought a pattern. Can I share it with my friend?

Electronic patterns should not be duplicated or shared. If your friend or club would like to use a pattern please have each person purchase their own copy.

4. Do you have a question? Send me an email!